DUKE is an integrated marketing company that puts the best people in the corner of contender brands so they can win the fight for customers’ attention.

Cape Town

Chief Executive Officer: Wayne Naidoo / Managing Director: Aileen Sauerman
Executive Creative Director: Suhana Gordhan / Chief Strategy Officer: Steve Miller

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We’re a senior set up who looks to help our clients realise their opportunities through bringing together business acumen and creativity, packaged in highly engaging ways. We believe everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the mouth. It’s why we look for strategies and tactics which will get to market quicker and then to be prepared to pivot on a dime. We believe it’s not the size of the dog, but the fight in the dog. Preparation, intelligence, tactics and skill trumps size and spend every time. It’s who is in your corner which makes the difference. It’s why we use our DUKE Brain Trust to bring perspectives and thinking which clients won’t find in an ad agency.

  • Cannes Lions – 1x Shortlist
  • One Show – 1x Merit
  • 2018 Adfocus Top 3 Small Agencies
  • 2019 Adfocus Top 2 Medium Agencies
  • Loeries – 1x Gold, 1x Silver, 3x Bronze, 7 Finalist, 3rd Ranked Small Agency 2018, 2nd Ranked Small Agency 2019
  • Creative Circle – 1x 1st Place, 2x 2nd Place, 3x 3rd Place, 1x Finalist
  • Marklives – 2019 Cape Town Agency To Watch
  • Assegais – 2x Gold, 1x Silver, 5x Bronze, 4x Leader, 1x Finalist
  • Bookmarks – 2x Finalist
  • Prism – 1x Bronze
  • MMA SMARTIES – 1x Bronze, 4x Finalists
  • New Generation Awards – 1x Finalist

1st Floor, 42 Hans Strijdom Ave,
Cape Town,
+27 21 421 4239

Wayne Naidoo | CEO
+27 21 421 4239

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Ad of the Year 2021. All the Work and the Winners.

March 17th, 2022|

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2021 Creative Circle ‘Joe Public United of the Year’ awards…wait, wait, we mean ‘Ad of the Year’ awards. But damn Joe, well done team on picking up 15 of the 24 awards 🔥 The awards were held on the 10th of March and here we've made it easy peasy to find all the winning work and the winning people who created it.

South Africa’s Work to Watch – June to October 2021

December 17th, 2021|

Here we showcase South Africa's stand-out work. This is the work that was awarded by the Creative Circle and represents the best our country has to offer. Basically, if you don’t have these companies on speed dial for 2022, ag shame man.

South Africa’s Best in Print, Outdoor and Live Events – Loeries 2021

November 22nd, 2021|

Here we showcase the best-of-the-best in Print, Outdoor and Live Events in South Africa. Slaying barriers to collaboration wherever we see them, this showcase will help you find your next dream team. This work was awarded at the Loeries 2021 and features the cream of the crop in creativity and production. We have listed all the work and also the talent behind the work, now you know who to work with!

South Africa’s Best in Radio – Loeries 2021

November 12th, 2021|

We’ve put together this showcase of the very best-of-the-best radio commercials in South Africa. Much like what the Louvre has done for art, this showcase is doing for advertising, that is the truth people! This work was awarded at the Loeries earlier this year and now it's your cheat sheet to use all year round to quickly find out who’s doing the best work in the country and who to hit up for your next project.

South Africa’s Work to Watch – July 2021

July 13th, 2021|

This month we showcase South Africa's stand-out work. Apart from just bragging about it (which is very important), it’s the work that has been awarded by the Creative Circle as well as IDIDTHAT’s Craft Awards. View the work and find out more about the companies who did it…