Commercials and Creative Director Anthony Bila partners with Indie Village

Anthony Bila has partnered with Indie Founder and Producer Dale Love-Ballantine to lead Indie Village. This one-stop-shop has got you covered every step of the creative and production way, from concept to final delivery and they do it all in-house. Based on Anthony’s 15 years of experience working as Creative and Copywriter, Commercials Director and Photographer, Anthony Bila is the personification of Indie Village. Depending on what the brief calls for, Anthony will plug into projects either as a Creative Director, Copywriter, Film Director or Photographer – Indie Village’s very own Build a Bear!

The quality of work at Indie Village has always been outstanding. Dale brings a really strong technical and administrative approach and I have a strong collaborative and creative approach and we believe together we can take Indie Village even further.’ Anthony Bila.

If you haven’t seen Anthony’s work yet, a great introduction to this talent is through his photography. Go look, no seriously, click here on these words and look. 

Wait, what exactly is Indie Village?

Despite being established over 14 years ago, the team at Indie Village still find themselves constantly answering the same question: ‘Are you a film production company, an ad agency, animation studio, post house, crew management or a gear rental company?’ The truth is, Indie Village is one of those things or all of those things, it’s really up to what the project requires. Confusing? It can be.

Indie Village can handle everything from concept to final delivery in-house. They plug in where they are needed. For instance, they regularly work with agencies that don’t have the available time or resources to tackle a job. The Village can then swoop in and complete an entire project from ideation to delivery BAM!
They also regularly plug into production companies where they can manage entire crews and/or supply camera and lighting setups BOOM!

Let’s talk about the budget.

After spending some time with Anthony and Dale getting to know their company, here’s where we think a set-up like Indie Village adds the most value…Remember big lavish budgets? Lol, no. We’re in an industry where, whether it’s a small or big budget project, companies are obvs expected to deliver more for less. This is where the Indie Village set-up can help a budget go further while also adding value to a project. From their dedicated in-house talent, and animation and editing suites to owning their own gear, Indie Village has it all so they can make your budget work across multiple platforms. And because you are dealing directly with a one-stop-shop, rather than multiple suppliers, there aren’t a whole bunch of added (or hidden) costs and we bet, since you’re dealing with less humans in the chain, you’ll free up some time (and mental resources) too!

Indie Village, indie nutshell…

  • Indie Village is home to a permanent staff of 12 made up of directors and producers, DOP’s, gaffers, editors and animators.
  • They own a full gear house including 6k large-format cinema cameras to 4k edit.
  • And they have their own dedicated editing and animation suites and sound recording studio.

Editing, animation and colour grading suites and sound recording studio.

As if getting more bang for a budget isn’t enough, the Indie Village team are also really nice guys with an eye to actively grow the industry in a positive way. Anthony adds: ‘We are passionate about upskilling young black talent by developing and nurturing them. We are building a village and it takes a village to raise a child.’

Indie Village Did That

In case you need some reminding of the work from the Indie Village stable, here are some of our favourite spots. And yes, that is a whole entire automotive reel because they also specialise in car commercials and they have gear things called ‘automotive rig’ with ‘arm’, ‘gimble’ and ‘vibration damper’- if you don’t understand those words, don’t worry, just know that they’re fancy and that’s all that matters.

Twizza ‘Taste the moment’

BrandSA ‘#InspiredByMyConstitution’

Volkswagen ‘Explore More’

Automotive Showreel

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Producer:  Dale Love-Ballantine

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