IDIDTHAT for the Production Industry in South Africa

Sign up to IDIDTHAT and get your company in front of agency creatives and people within the production industry in South Africa. We have thousands of creatives from over 45 of SA’s top advertising agencies, design companies, and boutique content companies using IDIDTHAT to find the right talent. Including over 150 South African based commercial Directors using IDIDTHAT to find production support.

We’ve designed our directories and company pages to make it easy for the industry to find Film Production, Post Production, Music & Sound, Animation & VFX and Talent Management companies in South Africa.

If your company doesn’t fall into one of these categories, simply click here and we’ll get you to where you belong.

Unless people are directly searching for your name, Google is not your friend and people simply won’t find you…cue IDIDTHAT!
Our Directories are mostly searched by agency creatives and people within the production industry. When creatives search for experts to work with, the IDIDTHAT Directory will ensure that your company and your talent are noticed by the right people at the right time. We make it simple for the industry to connect with you via our site, which means you can spend less time trying to set up meetings or sending newsletters that end up in spam folders.

Check out our IDIDTHAT Directories for the Production industry. We are creating new directories all the time.

Our Directories are used every day by people looking for the right company and talent to work with in South Africa – Have a look at our numbers:

Film Production Companies Directory: +21 200 views per year
Directors Directory:
+11 310 views per year
Advertising Agencies in South Africa: +3 900 views per year
Post Production Companies Directory: +3 700 views per year
Cinematographers: +2900 views per year
Music & Sound Companies Directory: +2 560 views per year
Animation & VFX Companies Directory: +2 200 views per year

Get Seen by South Africa’s Creative Industry

Top South African companies use IDIDTHAT as their one-stop resource.

We talk directly to the industry

254 000

IDIDTHAT receives over 254 000 views from South Africa’s Advertising and Production industry every year.

32 000

IDIDTHAT has 32 000 active South African users on our website every year.

21 000

IDIDTHAT has an average of 21 000 monthly page views.

Select either IDIDTHAT’s Half or Full company subscription – here’s the difference:


Get your company featured in our Directory

  • Your company will be listed in our curated IDIDTHAT Directory making it easy for people to find you.
  • Your directory listing will feature your company logo, key experts, short description and location.
  • Your IDIDTHAT Directory listing will click to your own website.
Get your talent featured in our Directory

If you have full-time Directors, Editors and/or Colourists, they will be added to our curated talent directories

You can enter the IDIDTHAT Craft Awards

  • Every month we team up with industry leaders to award South Africa’s best in Production Craft. The judge’s results and comments, along with all the entries, are shared with South Africa’s advertising and Production industry. Entering the Craft Awards comes at an additional cost. Find out more.
  • CRAFT ENTRY CATEGORIES: Direction Craft, Editing Craft, Cinematography Craft, Colour and Grade, Animation & Special Visual Effects, Final Mix and Orginal Sound.
  • View previous Craft Award results.



We’ll brag about you so you don’t have to do it all yourself

  • When your work wins at local and international awards that we cover, we’ll track it and feature you in our awards coverage that is sent to the advertising and production industry in South Africa. This lets everyone know how damn talented you are!
  • LOCAL AWARDS WE COVER: The Loeries, Creative Circle, IDIDTHAT Craft Awards.
Improved search on IDIDTHAT X YES

Increases your Google Search rankings


Your own Company Page on IDIDTHAT

We’ve developed our company pages knowing exactly what the industry’s needs are and what information creatives require to select you as a company that’s best suited for their projects.

Your company page will:

  • Feature your best work in your ‘Featured Work’ section.
  • This page contains all the key info about your company, showcases the talent that works in your company, features your key achievements and your contact details.
  • Showcase your Craft Awards winning work.
  • There are no logins on IDIDTHAT – We’ll build and manage your company page. If you want to add or edit work, we’ll update it for you!

(See below for more of our company page information)

Click here to download the company starter pack for IDIDTHAT’s HALF Subscription Click here to download the company starter pack for IDIDTHAT’s FULL Subscription

IDIDTHAT Subscription Costs:


  • Once-Off Annual Payment: R6 360 once a year (Works out to R530 per month)
  • OR Bi-annually Payment: R3 480 every 6 months (Works out to R580 per month)
  • OR Quarterly Payment: R1 900 every 3 months (Works out to R633 per month)

*10% discount for companies less than 5 full-time people
*Prices excl VAT


  • Once-Off Annual Payment: R10 050 once a year. (Works out to R838 per month)
  • OR Bi-annually Payment: R5 880 every 6 months (Works out to R980 per month)
  • OR Quarterly Payment: R2 740 every 3 months (Works out to R913 per month)

*15% discount for companies less than 5 full-time people
*Prices excl VAT

Your Company Page in More Detail

1. Company Header and Summary Section

We’ve carefully designed these pages to make it simple and positively thrilling for people to find out more about you and your work. We’ll prioritise your company’s key information in order for potential clients, who want to pay you billions of Rands, to easily find out who you are, where you are based, and access quick links to your social media channels and website.

2. Company Information Tabs

People browsing your company page on IDIDTHAT can click through to 3 company summary tabs. This will supply them with more information about you, your key achievements and your contact details.

3. Your Featured Work Section

Your company can showcase up to 20 campaigns. We can create portfolio tabs, making it easy for people to filter your work, into separate talent within your company e.g. your directors, animators, editors, composers etc

4. IDIDTHAT Monthly Craft Awards

IDIDTHAT hosts its own Craft Awards every month (find out more here). If you’ve added our Awards to your subscription and your work is awarded, we’ll add it (along with the judges’ comment) to your company page. For those viewing your page, this will serve as a true endorsement and will be featured on your page, forever…*insert angel choir here*

+ ADD More features to your membership at anytime

We’ve created more features that will help your company get in front of the right people. You can add them to your subscription at any time.

IDIDTHAT Monthly Craft Awards

IDIDTHAT hosts its own Craft Awards. Every month we ask top creative directors in the industry to select their ‘Craft Best’ and their ‘Craft Special Mentions’. Once your work is awarded, we share it with the industry and add it (along with the award and the judges’ comment) to your company page. For those viewing your page, this will serve as a true endorsement, forever…*insert angel choir here*

IDIDTHAT Featured Stories

Our content studio will meet with you and conceptualise ways to share your stories. This could be about who you are, your company culture, your beliefs, what makes you different or even a feature on hero employees. So no more boring press releases, can I get an amen?! We write stories with the knowledge and understanding of your audience and we know better than anyone else how to engage this market.