CloudDirect is a cloud technology business. The UK holding company amalgamated 3 South African businesses into one, operating out of new office space in Cape Town. The brief was to leverage the existing international brand to build a unifying culture in the Cape Town office.

Brandrenew partnered with interior designers Design Tact, to create a space that works to attract the best talent by offering a cool factor work environment that’s ‘flexible’, ‘vibey’ and ‘comfortable’.

The Workshed: This concept is about the notion of craftsmanship where producing a world class product is at the core of why we work. It requires talent, passion and above all a spirit dedicated to the craft and pursuit of excellence by bringing the very best in each field to the table to build something exceptional. The Workshed is a place where we build things, fit things, fix things, assemble things, solve problems, and generally get to live our passion.