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Simply, we are a production house. Where we love ideas, film in all its guises and the people who make and imagine them. Let’s make it together?


Owner and Film Director: Dani Hynes
Key contact: Mel Curtis

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Love works like this. 
We meet. We get on. We meet again.
We share ideas.
We get excited. We listen to what you need.
We figure out some chemistry stuff.
We catch feelings.
We make something sweet together.
A commercial, a music video,
a content piece.
Maybe even a film.
Whatever it is, it’s beautiful.
Really beautiful.
And then we do it again. And again.
Because when it works, 
love makes everything better.

Dani Hynes
072 511 0076

Mel Curtis
082 566 7803

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Director Dani Hynes launches Love Films. We love that idea.

May 5th, 2023|Comments Off on Director Dani Hynes launches Love Films. We love that idea.

Loves Films is doing it a little differently. It’s a production company that provides a “come-and-go-as-you-please” home for freelance directors and a more permanent residency option for those who want to stay longer. Love Films is another way to bring ideas to life. ‘Curating creative and production teams to collaborate with on commercials, music videos or films means that we can create bespoke solutions to every board, budget and schedule that comes our way.’ Says Dani. It’s about putting the right heads together to show each job the Love it deserves.