We are a collective of independent directors. We are a talent agency. We give our clients freedom to choose and collaborate with us according to budget and needs. We give directors freedom to pursue their creative ambitions.


Director’s Agents: Vanessa Borthwick / Unathi Mdiya

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The Circus is a collective of talented, independent directors, backed by a team of production experts.

We are not a production house. The Circus is an agency that represents directors in much the same way that a talent agency represents performers, with one exception: we also offer any kind of back-end support that they or you might need, in order to achieve your production goals.

Perhaps you’re an agency with an in-house production team but you need a great director or maybe you’re a brand with an idea for a piece of content but you don’t work with an ad agency. With our resources and experience, we can facilitate a production at any scale – from the smallest brand video to the all-out high-budget commercial. And we can get involved at any point of the process – be it from inception or only at the production stage.


In a word: freedom. We saw a need for directors to be independent and at Circus we give what is essentially the freelance director, the freedom to pursue all their creative directions while still providing them the support they would get from belonging to a production house.

We support our directors who are diverse in their background, interests and talent, in whatever they’re doing, whether it’s pitching on a commercial board for a production company, getting a short film produced or going off to shoot a TV series. We don’t own the director.

We in turn saw the need to provide clients with the freedom of a high-end but flexible, custom offering. Want a team to help you conceptualise? We’ve got access to the right creatives. Want to shoot something you’ve already developed? We can help you do that. Want an excellent director and nothing else? No problem. We let you build according to your production needs.

Still have questions? Give us a call, there’s nothing else we’d rather talk about.

Director’s Agent: Vanessa Borthwick

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