IAB Bookmarks 2017 – Results

The ninth annual IAB Bookmark Awards took place at the Galleria in Sandton and celebrated the best in digital. As usual the show was all high heels, while the after party was a salute to our industry’s low morals. As the official Showcase Partner of the Bookmarks, we’d like to congratulate all the winners, but seriously guys, what an honour to just be nominated – YEAH RIGHT!

So if you missed the ceremony because you’re too cool and awards mean nothing (they mean everything), here’s all you need to know – the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of the evening. Below you can view the actual work that won the awards and be sure to especially check out the names of the GOLD winners, these are the companies that are leading the digital charge, you know, the ones that actually know what Snapchat is.

Congratulations to all of you. To the rest of you – work harder! 

IAB Bookmarks Winners 2017

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