Adam Behr

Adam Behr is an award-winning international voice-over artist working in 30+ accents & in all styles. He has a home studio, Source-Connect standard.

Cape town and Vancouver, Canada

VO Artist and Owner: Adam Behr

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Multiple award-winning voice-over provider with a broadcast quality studio, including Protools, Source-connect standard, Session link, and direction options via Skype/Zoom/other apps. All types of voice-over including commercial, narration, film and TV, animation, trailer, promo, radio imaging, video-games, corporate, industrial, audio guide, audiobooks, etc. in 30 + accents.

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Automotive VO

South Africa: 071 015 6370
Canada: +1 (647) 558-6611

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Behind the voice of Adam Behr

February 12th, 2021|Comments Off on Behind the voice of Adam Behr

Ever wanted to know what goes into being one of the most awarded voice-over artists? We share some recorded snippets from our interview with vocal artist Adam Behr. Having performed in over one thousand commercials, working in 30 accents both locally and internationally, Adam blows our minds and ears with his wealth of knowledge and technique behind the mic.