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As artists, we want to create beautiful and meaningful work. As The Syndicate Post Production, we combine this intent with simplified quotes and customised workflows to create unparalleled value.


Senior Editor/Owner: Nic Goodwin

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As artists, we each want to create the most beautiful, meaningful work possible. As The Syndicate, we combine this intent with simplified quotes and customised workflows to create unparalleled value. The Syndicate is a minimalist post-production company that collaborates with some of South Africa’s top freelance artists and producers. We have non-exclusive relationships with all of our freelancers who plug into The Syndicate when needed. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive organisation and we encourage our freelancers to create their own businesses and brands so that we can empower individuals in our industry.

Each and every job is custom designed based on our clients’ needs. We offer a full remote process where we leverage the power of technology to create a fluid and seamless work flow. We are adept in the use of all video communication apps and we make use of cloud storage for storing and transfer of data.

Prefer an edit suite? We currently have two state-of-the-art edit suites in Bryanston and Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, which we hire only when required. These suites can accommodate the entire post-production process.

How about we come to you? We can set up our pop-up edit suite wherever you’d like. The Syndicate is able to create unique workflows for your job with any combination of these three approaches.

So, how does this create value for our clients? We don’t occupy any permanent physical space and we pool resources with our collaborators to lower our costs. We combine top artistic talent with experienced and creative producers. We bend space and time through the use of technology. We are quick, agile and flexible.

We are the future of post-production.

42 Bath Avenue
Rosebank 2196 (Admin & deliveries only)
+27 74 901 1362

Freelance Producer: Stuart Botha
+27 82 560 0410

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