Dip it your way

The contemporary South African farm is no longer a place of doilies and copper kudus, but a place of simplicity, honesty and charm – just like Ouma Rusks. We took consumers back to Ouma’s kitchen, the good old days (and ways) with respectful, eye-catching packaging. Boxes appeared as glass jars with life-size rusks. The glass jar, the twine and the embossed tags called out homemade authenticity, originality and rusks still made Ouma’s way.

To modernize the brand and reignite South Africa’s love for Ouma Rusks, we created ‘Dip It Your Way’. With a focus on digital, we produced a bank of entertaining, short-form content videos, as well as a campaign website, to tempt all South Africans to #DipnOuma their way and share their dipping moments.