Project Description:

The album that got people singing to save a city.

Cape Town is experiencing the worst drought in a century. And with 80% of water being used in bathrooms, people were urged to drastically cut down their shower time to two minutes. But what they needed was a way to time their showers.

We all sing in the shower, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

We created the first ever 2minuteshowersongs album.
We challenged 10 of SA’s best musicians to re-work their most popular tracks into 2-minuters. Capetonians could then press play, shower and sing along. Knowing that when the song ends so should their showers.

Mobile Karaoke Booth:
We turned showerheads into microphones and taps into volume knobs, to transform an everyday shower into a custom-built mobile karaoke booth. Our booths were placed in popular tourist spots around Cape Town and also featured on South Africa’s leading breakfast shows to spread awareness about 2 minute shower songs campaigns and to get more people to download our songs. Promoters urged tourists and locals to step into our water-free shower booths and sing along to our karaoke videos, before using the tracks to time their showers at home.

We briefed some of SA’s best illustrators to design band posters for our top tracks. These were placed around music venues and bars around Cape Town. We also seamlessly incorporated our Shazam logo into the artwork, and these Shazamable links pushed people directly to the website where they could download and stream our shower songs for free. These posters also became press ads that were strategically placed in five local newspapers, to get our songs into as many showers as possible.