CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Join ‘I DID THAT’ to get your work seen by top Directors and Producers in South Africa

Our mission at is simple: Make it ridiculously easy for you and your work to be found and seen by the right people in South Africa. We do this to give you the best chance to get that perfect job with the people you want to work with.

Besides the fact that your life will just become exponentially better, once you’ve joined, below are the ways we’ll get you in front of all the top Directors and Producers in South Africa.


Get listed in
our DOP/

1. This Directory is the go-to resource that Directors and Producers use to find the right DOP/Cinematographer for their job in South Africa.

2. Your personal Directory listing will feature your profile picture, a short bio, where you’re based, your agency, social media handles, and your SASC accreditation.

3. Your Directory listing will click-through to your own website or landing page of your choice.


We’ll get your
new work
in front of the
right people

Every 4 months, we’ll ask you to submit your latest work that you want to show off to Directors and Producers in South Africa. This work will then be showcased in our curated ‘DOP’s DID THAT’ feature that is sent to all our local Film Production companies.

That’s 150 Directors and Producers from over 40 Film Production companies in South Africa.


We’ll brag
about you
so you don’t
have to

When your work wins at local and international awards that we cover, we’ll track it and feature you in our awards coverage that is sent to the whole advertising and production industry in South Africa. This let’s everyone know how damn talented you are!

• The Loeries
• Creative Circle
• Our own IDIDTHAT Craft Awards

• Cannes
• One Show
• D&AD


You can
enter the
Craft Awards

I DID THAT hosts its own Craft Awards #HumbleBrag. Only members of IDIDTHAT can enter these awards and every month we select a top Creative Director in the industry to select their ‘Best of Reel’ and their ‘Special Mentions’. Their results and comments, along with all the entries, are shared with South Africa’s advertising and Production industry.

• Direction Craft
• Editing Craft
Cinematography Craft
• Grade
• Animation & Special Effects
• Final Mix and Orginal Sound

Entering the Craft Awards comes at an additional cost. Find out more about the Craft Awards rules and the entry packages we offer by clicking the sexy pill shaped button below. 

How to get started:

1. Select your payment option

Pay Annually
Pay R3 960 once a year
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Excl VAT

Pay Bi-annually
Pay R2 250 every 6 months
(Works out to R375 per month – that’s less that what you bill for 1 hour of your time)
Excl VAT

Pay Quarterly
Pay R1 215 every 3 months
(Works out to R405 per month – that’s less that what you bill for 1 hour of your time)
Excl VAT

*Members can cancel at any time.

2. Fill in your details

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