From L to R: Sabelo Mahlangu, Aadil Dhalech and Mpho Twala

The Rudeboy Collective welcomes Partner Aadil Dhalech

The Rudeboy Collective is making it clear that they are not here to play. Having recently signed two dynamic new directors to their roster, Robin Adams and Batandwa Alperstein, Partners Sabelo Mahlangu and Mpho Twala now announce their latest, and boldest, move. Focused on elevating the company’s creative output and craft, while grabbing every opportunity to put their stamp on the industry, Aadil Dhalech joins as Partner and Director.

Aligned in their beliefs, spirituality and most importantly their vision for the creative industry, Aadil is the perfect fit to join Rudeboy at the helm. Director and Co-Founder Mpho Twala has always maintained that the production company wants to invest not only in itself but also the industry as a whole, he says: We are serious about the direction we want to take Rudeboy in. We want to move towards a South African advertising landscape that is diverse and empathetic. We are an empathy-led collective. When I look at Aadil’s work, it speaks of that in so many ways. And as a person, his values are based on empathetic leadership in the creative world. Our beliefs and visions are so connected, everything we do has to be the absolute best that it can be, and for us that requires digging deeper and sticking to our values.

Executive Producer Sabelo Mahlangu says: The base is solid and ready, and so this partnership is about growth and collaboration. We are enforcing our creative and production investment in advertising, and positioning ourselves as serious contributors to our industry. Aadil is a multi-facetted filmmaker, but he also still really loves advertising. That’s hard to come by these days.’

Now based in both Joburg and Cape Town, Aadil joins Rudeboy directors Hallie Haller, Mpho Twala, Batandwa Alperstein, Robin Adams and directing duo Helen & Kim on the roster. We spoke to the man himself about the move.

Q: What first attracted you to The Rudeboy Collective?

Aadil: Well technically, they were first attracted to me. 🙂 You know, I’ve always admired Mpho as a director, and a human. He’s been through some sh*t and to come out the way he has, shows some real depth and emotional strength. You don’t get a lot of that in this industry. I figured I can learn a lot from him. Then, The Rudeboy Collective as a production company has always intrigued me. Mpho and Sabelo have managed to turn it into something that is unlike any other production house out there. It’s youthful, fluid, adaptable and brimming with raw talent. I felt that it’s the perfect place for me to grow as a person and director, but also somewhere that I can give back and have a positive effect on the future of South African filmmakers. We’re so caught up on individual progress and identity, especially in this industry, that we forget that we need communities to thrive. When you can nurture and give back to a community, you thrive, because the whole thrives.

Q: You’ll be joining the roster as Director, but also a Creative Partner, what does the role mean to you?

Aadil: It means the world to me. It means that I can help steer the Rudeboy ship creatively, and help ensure a high level of craft and creative output. I’ve always believed that the best creative work is born out of collaboration and shared experience, it’s an ethos we’re instilling into the Rudeboy Family. I want agencies and clients to know that when they come to Rudeboy they’re getting more than just the Director, they’re getting the Collective.

Q: What does the future hold for Rudeboy?

Aadil: I truly believe with the current makeup of talent, that it’s going to fast become a formidable player in both the commercial and long-form scene.

Q: What gets a big thumbs-up 👍🏽 and a thumbs-down 👎🏾 from you in the advertising and production industry at the moment?

Aadil: Gosh… um…I’m loving the move back toward strong narrative and ideas, which I think is a response to the bombardment of fashion “look-book” commercials we’ve had over the last few years.

Also, thumbs down also for the 4:3 craze. 2:35 4 lyf! Lol.

Q: What’s one thing you wish you knew about the industry when you first started out?

Aadil: That it was going to be hard. And I wish I knew how full of sh*t it was, especially back then. I went into it with this naive belief that it was this haven for progress, art, and innovation. But nah. Bunch of old white ballies having a fat moan while making heaps of money. It is changing(changed) for the better now, but man, it took its time.

I also wish I knew that smoking too much weed makes you slow. *Laughs
Smoke less guys. I promise, you will still be creative, more so in fact.

Q: What’s one thing that Sabelo and Mpho don’t know about you yet?

Aadil: Um… A lot of people don’t know this about me – I’m a metalhead. Sorry open-plan office friends.

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