After 13 years as a researcher, Nadezna Radcore makes the move to Directing, finally.

You might not recognise Nadezna’s name, although we guarantee you it’s certainly not one you’ll ever forget. Up until now she’s spent most of her career behind the scenes as a researcher, working on some of the biggest commercials out there alongside some of the biggest Directors in the industry. After several attempts to get her to cross over to dark-side of directing, Producer Cat Lindsay and Directors Rob Malpage and Mpho Twala from The Rudeboy Collective finally made it contract-official and signed her up,  which in turn meant that we finally got to make it interview-official! Introducing Director Nadezna Radcore…

Nadezna grafted hard and obsessively for over 13 years as Researcher, working alongside almost 50 diverse varieties of local and international Directors. From Miles Goodall, Akin Omotoso, Dani Hynes to Keith Rose, Rob Malpage and Jonathan Parkinson, to name but a few. The training Nadezna received is invaluable, and after working with all of these Directors, in some of the biggest production houses, she’s finally found her place at The Rudeboy Collective. For the last three years Nadezna has been the Creative Director at Rudeboy, but only a couple of months after joining, Mpho Twala, who always knew her potential, enlisted her to Co-Direct a spot for Revlon. She hasn’t looked back.

iDidTht: As a researcher working hand in hand with all these amazing Directors, tirelessly crafting stories and putting treatments together, you must have picked up some pretty impressive lessons along the way. Are there any that have stuck with you?
Oh wow, yes so many.
iDidTht: Tell us and we’ll put them in the piece as little official quotes.
Nadezna: Haha, okay…

‘Take it, love it, educate it and give it back, better.’

JH Beetge, Director at Picture Tree

‘What’s best for the board? Do that.’

Rob Malpage, Director at The Rudeboy Collective

‘Trust yourself. Trust your idea and trust your knowledge, even when people around you don’t.’

Miles Goodall, Director

‘Don’t be a researcher for too long.’

Jono Hall, Director at Gentlemen Films

Nadezna: I should have listened to him sooner.

iDidTht: Why wait so long to make your move from research to directing?
When I started in the commercials world around 15 years ago, there were so few women directing, I just never thought it was a viable option. You can’t be what you can’t see, right? I’ve also always been a person who feels preparation is key, so I wanted to first spend time immersing myself in the world of commercials as a Researcher. I’ve watched every single thing that exists out there. I know what’s really good and what standards to hold myself too, I’m very self-critical so I waited until I was confident enough to know that I can reach those standards.

iDidTht: Why Rudeboy and why now?
I think it’s very important to have a strong Producer that works well with you, so I wanted to find the right person for me. Rob [Director Rob Malpage] and Cat [Producer Cat Lindsay] then finally gave me the nudge and said, enough now. I was also drawn to the Rudeboy team’s DIY ethos and challenging headspace, and who wouldn’t want to work alongside some very experienced, very particular heavyweights?

Nadezna’s years of experience and abilities doesn’t mean she’s not damn humble, so we touched base with her Producer, Cat Lindsay, to get to the core of the rad.

Cat Lindsay on Nadezna: ‘Nadezna is enlivened by pushing beyond the comfort zone and discovering new spaces, new approaches. Her journey towards directing has been equipping her with something books and theory can’t match; experience. Extensive travel, cultural immersion, philosophical studies and work across a range of creative practices have all contributed to her very distinct, rare perception of humanity. It’s this rich perspective that she brings to her work, capturing the depth and nuance of personal interactions, telling authentic, touching stories.’

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Nadezna has an insatiable palate for the inner-workings of brands, how trend patterns shift and the power the industry has to make positive change. The lessons she has learnt from the very first day she started out in research until now have been invaluable cogs in creating the Director she is and there is so much more to come. Her work is already emotionally mature and visually rich; here are a few of iDidTht’s top picks from the Radcore reel:

McDonalds Know Our Food ‘The Fouries’

McDonalds Know Our Food ‘The Monhla Brothers’

Nadezna on McDonalds: We got this brief directly from Mcdonalds, so we hired in creatives as Rudeboy and worked with them to come up with a solution. Originally it was going to be a lot of talking heads, but I wanted to get this message across in a much more human and visually stimulating way so we came up with this concept – creating a story about the real farmers.
Initially, these spots were only going to live on a dedicated website of McDonalds, but when we were in the edit and the client saw them they wanted to take them above the line. So there’s the web version, some cut downs and the TV version.  

PPS Insurance ‘Peter’s In Trouble – The Car’

PPS Insurance ‘Peter’s In Trouble – The Sprinkler’

Nadezna on PPS: The agency came to us with a board that needed a quick turnaround. We had to figure out how to make all three spots within budget and I really enjoy that – problem solving. They loved them so much that they took them to cinema I believe. I just stripped them down to the core to get the message across.

> View more of Nadezna’s work


iDidTht: What was your first thought when you woke up today?
Nadezna: I don’t think I had a thought until I brushed my teeth and then I thought ‘What the hell am I going to wear for the interview today.’ I thought if I wear full-black I’m just gonna get lost…
iDidTht: Haha! You are such a researcher. Did you take a photo of yourself to see the crop?
Nadezna: No…but I looked at the camera before you called me.

iDidTht: Do you have a secret talent?
Nadezna: No… no. Um, no.
iDidTht: Like can’t you even flare your nostrils, like this?
Nadezna: No guys…
iDidTht: Look! Now, you try it. Do it!
Nadezna: Guys, no.
iDidTht: You are so bad at Quickfire Round!

iDidTht: How would you describe your directing style?
Nadezna: No human is static, and I try to constantly evolve and expand my understanding and knowledge of the world and people and things and life…and this is why I find it hard to define ‘my style’ or approach or whatever you call it, because it’s not a static thing, there is a basis of truth you build on and come from, for sure. I’m not fickle, but the idea of being in a definable box scares the bejesus out of me, I think.

iDidTht: What movie makes you scream?
Nadezna: I show no outward emotion when I watch films, unless I’m on my own and then probably only cry. But I wouldn’t scream, screaming is weird.
iDidTht: HAHAHAHAHAHA. You are the most interesting person we have ever met.

iDidTht: You can only dance to one song for the rest of your life
Nadezna: Taylor Swift ‘Shake it Off’
*A two minute Skype interlude ensues as we all dance*
iDidTht: Well we all just reached our Discovery step goals!

iDidTht: Final question; talk us through your name…
Nadezna: Haha, okay well, ‘Nadezna’ is the name of a Russian character that my South African mother read about in an Australian book. ‘Radcore’ is a joke that lasted way too long and just stuck.
iDidTht: Yeah, defs the most interesting person!

Nadezna brings with her a practical approach and an incredible work ethic, but as a Director she also has a truly unique and magical perspective of the world. She has taken the time to absorb as much as she can about her industry. This patience, preparation and determination will no doubt lead to her treating your board with the respect it deserves, researching every aspect of it and nurturing every last inch until it graduates into the commercial you will be proud of. If you want your ideas in good hands, why not give her Producer Cat at The Rudeboy Collective a shout –

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