Film and Commercial Directors in South Africa

Find South Africa’s top Directors for your TV commercials, online content, short films, music videos or film production – Based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Aadil Dhalech | Patriot

Aadil’s unique style, slick visual sensibilities and gift for performance has seen him become a firm favourite with agencies and brands. He is equally at home sketching unique and memorable characters as he is crafting strong and beautiful visuals.

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Adam & Jonathan | they

This hands-on, no-holds-barred duo dive in head first. They write, they direct, they shoot, they record, they edit, they master, they grade and they deliver.

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Adrian Bergoff | Masters & Savant

Adrian is a multi-award-winning CG supervisor and VFX director. His experience spans multiple award winning commercials and international feature films

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 Adriaan Louw | Giant Films

Adriaan Louw is a Cape Town-born filmmaker who began his career documenting youth culture across South Africa with a focus on music, skateboarding, and fashion. He regularly works with other major brands such as Nike, Vans, RVCA, Puma, and The Fader.

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AK | Spitfire

Over the past 18 years AK has worked in 28 countries, directed over 280 commercials and won over 40 international awards, he has featured at D&AD in New York, One Show, Promax in London, Los Angeles and Africa and the Cannes Advertising Awards.

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Akin Omotoso | Spitfire

With more diversity than a gallery in Paris, Akin is better known too. And well! There’s that Standard Bank Artist of the Year Award, a Best Director at the South African Film Television Award, and invitations to show at both Cannes and Toronto’s film festivals to prove it.

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Alan Irvin | they

He has grown an impeccable name for himself in the industry where he has been recognised by his peers winning numerous creative industry awards and has produced some of South Africa’s most loved commercials. Alan has received accolades at Cannes Lions, D&AD’s, Midas Awards, and many Loeire awards.

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Alexa Wilson | Arcade Content

Alexa comes from a family of filmmakers and climbed the ranks as a director’s assistant at Egg Films, where she learned from some of the best directors in the game. Building from this solid foundation, Alexa has delivered polished, outstanding work for brands including Standard Bank, Edgars and Castle Lager.

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Allison Swank | Giant Films

New on Giant’s roster, Allison’s style of filmmaking is rooted in a heartfelt curiosity about the world both past and present, with an emphasis on fringe and emerging cultures. She’s at home amongst artists and musicians and has had the honour of telling their stories in America and across the African continent.

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Amy Allais | Ola! Films

Amy’s vast experience, from epic choreographed dance spots, through comedy performance and an inadvertent focus on kids and babies, has taken her across the world and has contributed immensely to the diverse scope of work created by Ola to date.

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Andrew Kirkby | Iconic Agency

Andrew Kirkby is a self-professed multipotentialite. He has directed award-winning commercials for both local and international brands, as well as documentaries for Red Bull TV. Andrew has a strong background in editing and narrative-driven storytelling. He is the creative director and co-founder of Iconic Agency.

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Anton Visser | Patriot

Anton’s impeccable timing and top-notch performance chops have made him a sought-after comedy director and his eye for cast and knack for situational humour mean the worlds of his commercials are always fantastic places to visit.

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Ari Kruger | Sketchbook Studios

Ari is the co-creator and director of the hugely popular web series SuzelleDIY and the sensational TV series Tali’s Wedding Diary, with a host of awards, nominations and broken viewership records between them. Both productions epitomise his impeccable comic timing and talent for creating memorable characters.

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Bevan Cullinan | Together Films

Bevan Cullinan is an award-winning Director and funny guy known for his ability to shoot comedy and performance dialogue, but he can pretty much shoot any style because of his physically-based approach to characters. He understands the demands of shooting multi format content for all platforms and is totally woke.

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Brent Harris | Egg Films

Brent is preoccupied with the human condition, with all its beautiful virtues and failings. He expresses these in an ultra-visual, poetic way. Based in New York, his work has won two AICP awards, a permanent place at MoMA, and four Bronzes at Cannes, among other accolades.

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Bruno Bossi | Carbon Films

For Bruno the idea is everything. He is a conceptual thinker who constantly pushes the execution boundaries to drive the idea further whether through fresh performances or his mastery of the technical. The focus is of his work is to always deliver a tight narrative through his captivating visuals.

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Candice Wainwright | Masters & Savant

Candice studied graphic design and photography and she’s had a successful tenure in the film industry for the past nine-years. Her love for animation, graphic and motion design comes through in all the work she’s done for award-winning campaigns and leading brands in different categories.

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Chloe Coetsee | Darling Films

Chloe is a director at darling. She enjoys lip sync competitions and very short walks on the beach.  She doesn’t have much more to say about herself in the third person.

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Chris Lockhart | Masters & Savant

Chris works in both live action and animation and of course revels in the combination of both. With an eye for timing and an ear for the right soundtrack, he enjoys impactful and tightly timed stories that do a lot of work in a small space of time.

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Chris Saunders | Ola! Films

Chris Saunders lives in Paris but regularly shoots in SA on commercial film projects ranging beyond the fashion, beauty and music videos for which he was originally known. He started out in photography (fashion, editorial and commercial) before venturing into documentary projects that illuminate Africa’s sub cultures through his optimistic, vivid lens.

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Christiaan Venter | Masters & Savant

A designer, illustrator, compositor & animation director whose playful work will delight you. Christiaan’s process usually starts on paper, resulting in work that has a wonderfully organic feel. He has a strong background in illustration and animation, having acted as Creative Director for illustration house “Am I Collective” and Masters & Savant.

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Cindy Lee | The Star Film Company

Cindy loves to direct. Hailing from a genetic pool that gives her the advantage in both dealings with client and people in front of the camera, she also has a knack for copywriting and an exceptional skill set for directing humour, small children and untrained animals. 

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Craig Hunter Parker | Masters & Savant

A versatile designer, director & VFX supervisor whose beautiful work will enthrall you.

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Curtis Gallon | Picture Tree

Curtis is one of South Africa’s top food and tabletop photographers. He brings the same patience, attention to detail and passion for lighting to his live action work.

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Dani Hynes | Made Films

Dani is a director, a writer and a mom, but not necessarily in that order. With her ability to extract nuanced performances and create visually impactful pieces, Dani’s as tricky to pigeon hole as she is to convince to walk near a lizard. She’s won Creative Circle Ad of the Year, among other accolades

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Daniel Morcos | Carbon Films

Daniel has been honing his craft across continents since a student Oscar nomination at the beginning of his 15 year career. He is drawn to making the ordinary extraordinary, and his work is infused with a perspective that highlights the human experience in unexpected and visually spectacular ways. This has seen him work across multiple genres throughout Africa and the Middle East and has earned him a few industry nods along the way.

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Darren Kerr | 10th Street

Darren’s approach to storytelling is simple, elicit emotion in the work. His producing skill set allows him to create concepts that tell the correct story, whilst giving clients maximum value.

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Dillon Buirski | we are_

With 14 years’ experience in the fashion photo and film industry, Dillon is based in Cape Town, and London. His considered style, creativity and attention to detail make him a favourite among fashion retail houses. He’s directed work for the likes of Primark, Tommy Hilfiger, Jack Wills, George ASDA, F&F, Superbalist and Boden.

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Director Kit | Darling Films

Captivated by beauty and motivated by narrative choice since she was 17, Kit is a director who gets right to the heart of her stories with a deadly combination of whimsical pictures and critical thinking. She’s our unicorn. And she’s real. Real good. 

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Ed van Blerk | Spitfire

Ed van Blerk’s greatest talent is his love for a challenge mixed with a calmness under pressure. He has worked on the 2010 World Cup bid and animation for TVCs. Ed learned everything he knows about revenge from the Count of Monte Christo.

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Ernest Nkosi | Bomb Commercials

Driven by passion, underpinned by a strong work ethic, Ernest is dedicated to telling true African stories. It is his belief that our continent has a suppressed voice, which can only be liberated by the medium of film.


Emilie Badenhorst | Romance Films

Defined by a sensual visual style, Emilie’s direction skilfully uses performance and character to focus on the subject of shared human connection. She is a strong voice in a new generation of conscious filmmakers whose work empowers through intimacy and empathy.

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Fausto Becatti | Bioscope Films

Passionate about film, music, travel and photography – Fausto puts everything into his work. His style and energy has given his recent work a distinct look. With his finger on the pulse of youth culture and edgy visuals, Fausto recently picked up 4 merits at The One Show Awards for his ground-breaking work on Indiefin.

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Gale Maimane | Darling Films

Gale’s offbeat and raw approach to directing and stills comes through in her candid and in-the-moment approach to documenting unforgettable moments that hold an incredible depth; either pushing you to stare longer or laugh harder.

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Gersh Kgamedi | Picture Tree

Gersh has honours degrees in Drama and Film, and History of Art. He has been directing commercials for 17 years both locally and internationally and is best known for commercials in the genre of Lifestyle.

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Gerhard Human | Masters & Savant

This fascinating contemporary artist and director will entice you with his crafted characters & worlds.

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Glen Biderman-Pam | Sketchbook Studios

As an established stand-up comedian and actor, Glen knows what it’s like to be in front of the camera. As a director he combines his comic prowess with the rare skill of connecting to both actors and non-actors alike.

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Graeme Carr | Darling Films

A digital storyteller, a motion artist. A creator of bespoke digital & vfx-driven experiences that extend the narrative onto digital & mobile platforms though games, interactive films, VR, AR, branded & 2nd screen content. Graeme flies solo on briefs or as a collaborator on darling productions.

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Grant De Sousa | they

Grant proves his mettle as a performance director, being able to extract impressive interpretations from his cast. His keen creative eye and immaculate attention to detail make him a favorite choice as a director both locally and abroad.

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Greg Francois | The Joneses

Known for his epic, cinematic work, Greg has made a name for himself as a top visual and performance director. He thrives on solving complicated production issues, using a combination of highly evocative imagery and emotion, with cutting edge post-production, offering the viewer a reality they never knew existed.

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Greg Gray | Romance Films

No one has mastered the delicate balancing act between building a brand and sharing a powerful narrative quite like Greg. His understanding of how to speak to people through performance has created not only some of the world’s most awarded ads, but some of its most loved and shared.

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Greg Rom | Gentlemen Films

A talented storyteller, Greg’s forte lies in creating bold, unpredictable narratives across various genres. His short films have travelled to illustrious festivals across the world, while back home his award-winning commercial work spans from comedy to strong, dramatic visual executions.

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Gregg Bailey | Figment Films

Gregg loves many things but most importantly he loves ideas. Gregg Bailey only hates one thing. He truly hates writing about myself in the third person

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HELEN + KIM | Motion City Films

HELEN + KIM are a two-headed director. With Helen’s background in performance and Kim’s technical experience as a DP and editor, they form a director-duo with a multi dimensional skill-set. Be sure to take advantage of their two-for-one specialness.

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Herman Du Toit | Iconic Agency

The fusion of Herman’s strategic and conceptual thinking gives him an advantage as a commercial and branded content director. His background in marketing has lead him to constantly question his work and how it contributes to the brand and it’s objectives, without compromising on creativity.

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Hilton Treves | Masters & Savant

A world-class VFX master whose work will leave you awestruck.

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Hylton Tannenbaum | Bioscope Films

Hylton started directing at 10 years old, using his Dad’s Super 8mm film camera. Since then he has shot over 250 commercials, working with almost every South African agency and some international ones too. He has picked up numerous Loeries, Cannes and Clio awards along the way.

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Ian Gabriel | Giant Films

A disrupter of the status quo, Ian’s affection for the craft of story and emotion has seen him work as an activist in theatre, direct some award winning feature films, develop a TV series and continue to make timeless, impeccably crafted commercials, that entertain and intrigue.

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Ian Morgan | TinToy Productions

Ian, aka Bean, is known for his quirky and unique worlds,  which he injects into his films & TVC. His most recent film was selected as the best SA short for SundanceTV and was screened at the Sundance Film Festival: London 2018.

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Imraan Christian | Rumanya Films

Imraan is a son of the soil, an artist and an activist with the connecting thread being mysticism in its many forms.

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Itumeleng Mohlabane | Bomb Commercials

Itumeleng is a South African commercials and film director with a passion for telling authentic stories in an innovative way. His sharp cinematic eye and strong narrative foundation inspire stories that are both thought-provoking and visually captivating.

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Jabu Nadia Newman | Romance Films

Jabu is a female director and photographer who captures uniquely diverse and honest narratives, predominantly centred around South African youth culture. She encourages her subjects to tell their own stories in their own way and champions equal representation both in front of and behind the camera.

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Jannes Hendrikz | Masters & Savant

This visionary animation & live action director will enchant you with his amazing masterpieces. Jannes Hendrikz is a visionary director and an expert in his craft, creating endearing, magical worlds and breathing life into lovable characters.

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Jason Fialkov | Carbon Films

Jason is a storyteller at heart. It is his natural affinity for people and authentic narrative that has formed the body of work about which he feels most passionate, creating character driven emotive performance pieces with a cinematic and personal visual style.

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Jeana Theron | Darling Films

Jeana is known for bringing unrivaled artistic expression and style to the art of filmmaking and is able to draw nuanced performance regardless of genre. A classically trained fine artist and learned film craft by rising through the ranks from pa, researcher and finally director

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JH Beetge | Picture Tree

JH is a commercials and narrative filmmaker, writer and photographer. He is a visual storyteller, based in Australia, and only able to travel for jobs that can afford it. His cinematic strengths lie in creating distinctive visuals with sincere characters and setting it all in an emotionally compelling narrative.

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Jono Hall | Gentlemen Films

Director Jono Hall is a visual stylist with a versatile approach to considered and engaging storytelling. His strong narrative skills have established him as a seasoned director who has achieved notable creative success. Jono’s first television series has recently been optioned for development by an international studio.

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JT | Spitfire

JT is a multi-talented creative Film Director, Sound Designer and Music Producer. He has the ability to communicate through his craft and has worked with clients from all over the world such as, APPLE-MAC, I-D Magazine, CHANEL (No5), NESCAFE and DICKIES to name a few.

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Justine Calverley | First Pencil

Justine’s work is inspired by narrative, love and making things better and beautiful. She has an understanding of concept and storytelling which is supported by her AFDA honours degree in Animation and Writing. She’s worked in research, film, TVCs and music video production/directing.

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Karien Cherry | Giant Films

Karien is an eternal and nimble student of the craft of film making. Ever on the lookout for a strong and demanding conceptual challenge, this creative ninja loves nothing more than to push the envelope in her collaborative quest to bring the most effective film execution to the work she does.

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Kevin Fitzgerald | 7 Films

With a background as an award-winning fashion photographer, Kevin has a unique style, with a strong visual identity that is distinctively emotive. It is equal parts suggestion, beauty, and simplicity.

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Kim Geldenhuys | 0307

It’s his attention to detail and concept that has led to him consistently being featured at award shows around the world, winning Gold at Cannes, the Clios, One Show, the Loeries and many others.

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Kyla Philander | Bioscope Films

Kyla is a filmmaker directing content, commercials and documentaries. Committed to telling the stories the world doesn’t know, doesn’t hear often enough, Kyla’s focus on representation within media and their eye informs a body of work that is at once compelling and critical.

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Kyle Lewis | Egg Films

Having made his name as one of South Africa’s most acclaimed music video directors, Kyle’s transitioned seamlessly into advertising, where his instinct and flair for African youth culture has been in demand with everyone from Absolut and BMW to Nike and Volkswagen.

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Lauren Chengan | Your Girlfriend

Lauren has a fresh, young filmmaking voice that’s ready to be heard. Her bold visual style and passion for storytelling is coupled with a tireless energy and devotion to the work. You’ll love her in the board-room, you’ll be amazed by her on set and you’ll thank her in the edit suite.

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Laurissa Vergottini | Carbon Films

Laurissa has an insatiable curiosity. With a widespread set of skills and eye for the unusual and unexpected, she has an instinctual approach to both storytelling and visual aesthetics. Her passion for emotively intelligent writing and clarity of vision allow her to create films that induce a real connection that speak to the truths of her subjects.

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Lazola Gola | 7 Films


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Lebogang Rasethaba | Egg Films & Arcade Content

“There is this intensely creative, unapologetically young and curious energy in South Africa that I sense and subscribe to; it’s really infectious and I point my camera in that direction.” This has led to Lebo winning Creative Circle Ad of the Year and screening at TED Global.

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Lee Doig | Let It Rain Films

Lee has shot literally everything there is to shoot. From television ads to international long format TV shows and movies and everything imaginable in between. He doesn’t like to mention the fact that he’s had nine Emmy Nominations & won an Emmy for cinematography, and would prefer to talk about Liverpool. 

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Linda Notelovitz | LifeDesign

Director. Producer. Mentor. Filmmaker. Aesthete. Agilist. Creator. With 25 years of experience having worked in over 20 countries creating beautiful visual communication for top brands globally, Linda’s seamless move into directing was a natural progression. She describes her filmmaking style as “cinematic authenticity”.

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Louis Minnaar | Darling Films

With a background in animation, design and illustration, Louis focuses on combining live action material with computer-generated imagery which has materialized in music videos, commercials & short films. Louis also has experience in production design, set design as well as visual effects.

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Lourens van Rensburg | 7 Films


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Manu Lapiere | Ginger Pictures

Armed with his Belgian sense of humour, Manu has shot over 120 TVCs all across the world and 70 Pan African TVCs all across the African continent. Starting out as a DOP, he’s been in the industry for more than 25 years. Passionate about elevating every detail in a script, he remains cool-headed, fast-thinking and solutions-oriented.

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Malo 8 (Midnight After 8) | Together Films

His work reflects a real love for South African culture and the humour in everyday occurrences. It is both vibrant and real and full of the warmth that we see in his personality.

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Marc Moynihan | Masters & Savant

With a BA in Illustration and Animation from Cambridge School of Art, Marc has been working in animation production in the UK for the past five years. Marc’s all-round experience in short films and commercials has progressed his career from 2D animator to supporting director in visual and story development.

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Mark Middlewick | Gentlemen Films

A filmmaker at heart who has directed local and international talent, including Oscar-wining actor Adrian Brody. From music videos to short films and award-winning commercials, Mark is known for his distinct eye for idiosyncratic, cinematic storytelling.

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Markstry | The Star Film Company

A finely dressed gentleman, knowledgeable filmmaker and pretty likeable guy. A man obsessed with all things film. Will bend the rules. Also known as, the king of content.

The Star Film Company

Matthys Boshoff | The Star Film Company

Matthys’ background is as diverse as the adventures he’s embarked on, but it was his eye for beauty that landed him an acclaimed career in film directing. His work is as assorted as his escapades, from food commercials to feature films, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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Maxime Thaysen | we are_

Maxime is inspired by both the old- and new-school, mixing up the styles in an experimental way. With an affinity for storytelling, a sharp eye for aesthetics and a passion for human-centric narratives, she’s made her way through the filmmaking landscape and quietly creating anticipation for what she’s up to next…

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Meghan Daniels | Robot

Their work is human centric and sits at the intersections of documentary, music, fashion and art.

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Mel & Lusanda | they

They met 10 years ago and have been friends since. Their differences are what make them such a strong duo, that and their knowledge of each other and film. Their love for film and story translates in their interpretation of scripts and concepts.

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Meja Shoba | Ola! Films

An exile baby now returned home to Soweto after being schooled in the US, Meja Shoba has a flair for capturing cultural nuances with strong narrative and dynamic visuals, whether film, digital content, advertisement or documentary. She loves fashion the most.

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Mfundo Mkhize | Ola! Films

Born storyteller, Mfundo Mkhize captivates audiences with his command of visual language and understanding of South African cultures…in 30 seconds or less. He has directed spots for Vodacom, MTN, Coca-Cola, KFC, and McDonald’s and has a number of short films and TV dramas to his name, such as SABC 1’s Dreamworld.

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Michael Rodrigues | we are_

Having returned from London with a Masters Degree in Film, Michael has used the past few years since to passionately hone his artistic voice through the development of short films, music videos, documentaries and commercial content. Along the way, some of his highlights included being nominated and awarded for his tongue-in-cheek approach, as well as his experimental creative execution. 

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Morgan Dingle | Your Girlfriend

Morgan Dingle is a talented visual and often hilarious storyteller, as comfortable with the green-screen as he is with the actor in front of it. He has also completed folding 894 of his goal of 1000 origami cranes on which when completed he will be granted one wish. What he will wish for is none of your business.

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Mpho Twala | The Rudeboy Collective

Former producer turned creative filmmaker Mpho Twala has a deep desire to create films that are significant. His infectious personality, creative spirit and abundant talent have earned him a formidable reputation in the industry.

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Mukunda De Wil | Picture Tree

Mukunda De Wil worked as an agency creative and then started directing commercials. He is no longer directing ads, but rather long form. He is perfectly positioned for commercially based long form projects ie: Branded films.

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Mzi Kumalo | Darling Films

Mzi’s passion for film is entwined with his devotion to the portrayal of authentic african stories. He’s travelled across the continent to create and document them for various brands. Which only makes sense seeing he’s the son of the late Alf Kumalo; documentarian and photojournalist.

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Mzonke Maloney | Carbon Films

Mzonke Maloney is a writer and director. His work places a particular focus on strong character-centric storytelling and interrogates  new South African narrative-making, in authentic and challenging ways. A prominent part of emerging new wave of South African filmmakers, Mzonke continues to develop a unique and distinct voice that reflects a genuine love for craft & the art cinema.

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Nadezna Radcore | The Rudeboy Collective

Nadezna understands how brands operate, how trend patterns shift and form, and most importantly, how this industry has the power to make a positive difference. She’s a punk at heart and a diehard idealist with a couple of degrees in Film, Philosophy, Metaphysics and Psychology. She’s taken what she’s learnt over time and infused it into her work and she’s brilliant.

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Nelis Botha | Robot

 A multifaceted filmmaker who started his career documenting subcultures in the South African music scene.

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Nic Smal | Masters & Savant

Nic Smal is a live action and animation director. He’s also the slightly more tattooed half of comedy duo, DERICK WATTS & THE SUNDAY BLUES. They are the masters of riffing off pop culture to create unbelievably popular viral work.

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Nicole Maria Ackermann | Romance Films

With a background in theatre and creative research, Nicole is a commercial director who takes a meticulous approach to film making, thoughtfully balancing evocative visuals with narrative. Known for her bold visual style, Nicole creates commercials with both heart and beauty.

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Norman Maake | Figment Films

Knoxman likes street art as much as Burger King.

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Nthabiseng Mokoena | Rumanya Films

When it comes to storytelling you cannot take short cuts, what makes people interested is how you tell your story.

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Oliver Hermanus | Figment Films

Oliver is looking for a long term relationship with someone meaningful. Full body shots on request.

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Paul Ramaema | Robot

Combines Johannesburg street cool with a hip aesthetic.

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Paul Ward | Giant Films

Paul made a name for himself as a documentary photographer capturing niche subcultures in the South African youth landscape. Paul was soon making films for high profile global clients, including Nike, Puma, and Audi who sought out his honest view into youth culture and life narratives. Paul is based out of Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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Peri van Papendorp | Giant Films

A former creative director, Peri’s strong desire to entertain and to deliver sophisticated but accessible comedic driven storytelling with a visual twist enables him to engage audiences with work that is quirky, fun and very different from the norm.

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Peter Heaney | Spitfire

This multitalented, and awarded long form director translates the creative crux for stories being told in thirty seconds (or thereabouts) without losing any of the magic. He brings a big-league grasp on the full production process, sweating the small stuff – so that you don’t have to.

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Peter Pohorsky | Plank Films

For the past 19 years Peter has worked in the film industry as a respected commercials director, known for his strong performance and storytelling style, with a distinctive South African slant.

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PHI 2.0 | The Star Film Company

After a successful three years, PHI, which simultaneously mentored and encouraged a young director to find her own, Jonathan Parkinson forged a new partnership. Taking his 30 plus years of experience in commercials and merging it with a young director Matshepo Maja.

View The Star Films Company

Porteus Xandau | Carbon Films

Half man and half lens, Porteus, is no stranger to the film industry. Actor-turned director, his sensitivity to performance, combined with his incredible visual eye has seen him create some striking campaigns for local and international clients. The method to his madness? Don’t be boring.

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Rajay Singh | Spitfire

With a solid foundation in production and a strong talent for visual storytelling, it’s no surprise Rajay’s trophy cabinet is filled with multiple awards from Cannes, AdFest, Spikes and Kancil, and shooting in locations as diverse as the U.S., Tanzania, India and Japan.

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Reto Reolon | Masters & Savant

Reto is an award-winning, versatile & multi-skilled live action director who specialises in TV commercials, branded content & digital media. He is talented in many disciplines; from editing to flame compositing. Reto is at home with lifestyle, food, fashion and ‘reality’.

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Richard Truter | Picture Tree

Richard has an editing and fashion background and loves experimenting with a camera in his hands. His work is visually extremely interesting and it is all about the framing. Vignette style visual boards are where his expertise lies.

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Rio Allen | Bioscope Films

Rio has directed a variety of music videos, TV ads, doccies, online content and branded films. Passionate about telling stories, he brings energy, expertise and craftsmanship to every project he immerses himself in.

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Rob Malpage | The Rudeboy Collective

Rob is one of the industry’s leading cinematographers turned director. A tenacious, perfectionist, he continues to direct and shoot most of his commercials for which he has been locally and internationally recognised.

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Rob van den Bragt | Masters & Savant and Chocolate Tribe

An illustrious VFX Supervisor & Animation Director whose work will astound you. Rob was trained in Classical Animation & Film in Belgium. His career spans over 20+ years at leading international VFX & animation companies. Nine of those 20 years, he spent working for The Mill in the UK as a VFX Supervisor and director.

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View Chocolate Tribe

Robin Adams | Egg Films

After his first ad won five M-Net TAG Awards, including Best Direction, Robin joined Velocity, where he spent five years under the wing of Keith Rose. Now with Egg, he’s emerged as an all-rounder, with a visual eye that stands out across all his work. 

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Robin Goode | Figment Films

Robin has had three alien encounters and was round house kicked in the head.

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Ross Garrett | Darling Films

Ross is a man of simple pleasures. He likes beer and riding on two wheels. A photographer by trade, Ross has a considered aesthetic and love for portraiture. His path has lead him to tell stories in moving image as well. An evolution that just makes simple sense.

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Sam Coleman | Patriot

Sam’s appreciation for craft and originality shine through in his work. He is collaborative by nature but likes to elevate concepts to interesting and unexpected places. Sam’s a natural storyteller with a unique eye, so he’s going to surprise you with how he sees your script.

View Patriot

Sam Sterling-Court | The Star Film Company

Sam believes that much of the success of the work lies in how well one prepares. Her background in research means she leaves nothing to chance, while still passionate about creating work that is challenging and bold.

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Samantha Nell | Gentlemen Films

Samantha Nell is a filmmaker whose work has been filmed and showcased at festivals across four continents. Samantha is known for her discernible voice which oscillates between comedy and tragedy and sometimes both at the same time. She possesses a strong eye for performances and a distinct visual aesthetic.

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Scott McCullough

Scott is a multi-award-winning director/DP who collaborated with Prince and directed commercials for Pepsi, Coors, Budwieser, GM, Ford, Jeep, Target and many more Fortune 500 companies.  He has worked with top production companies like STORY, James Productions, Paisley Park, The Directors Networth, TATE/USA, Wilfred Park with some of the biggest agencies.  Scott is a hands-on director who’s fast, creative and is a collaborator experienced in every possible situation.

Los Angeles, CA USA

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Shamiel Soni | Black Coffee Films

Having worked in the film services industry for one of South Africa’s most prolific directors, Soni started his directorial journey in 2014. Represented in LA; Japan and Australia, Shamiel Soni is a Director who turns ordinary into extraordinary with an instinctual approach to narrative filmmaking and breath-taking visuals.

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Shane Knock | 7 Films


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Simon Cracknell | Bioscope Films

Simon’s passion is to create beautiful moving images that focus on the brand as hero. His work stands out for its considered and skilled approach to lighting and attention to detail derived from many years working with top international brands as a food and beverage stills photographer.

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Siphiwe “SJ” Myeza-Mhlambi (Deceased) | 7 Films


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Slim | Darling Films

With roots in graphic design and art direction, Slim’s work is distinctively visual. But, true to his conceptual agency beginnings, he believes that the concept should always dictate the execution. He’s one of Shots’ top five most featured South African directors, with 13 videos on their site.   

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Stephina Zwane | Bomb Commercials

With two successful feature films under her belt, Stephina Zwane is carving out a distinctive brand of local storytelling. She now extends her creative reach into the world of commercials, bringing to Bomb her unique artistic voice and talent. Her love for crafting authentic South African narratives through words and visuals has made her a force to be reckoned with.

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Sunu | Egg Films

Sunu was the top-ranked director at the Loerie Awards in 2017, a year where his One Source music video with Khuli Chana for Absolut won Gold, two Silvers and a Bronze at Cannes Lions and was the most awarded campaign at The Bookmarks. 

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Takezito | Ola! Films

Director/producer Batandwa Alperstein, aka TAKEZITO, is a strategic thinker who has worked across Africa and is a natural at representing popular culture in both commercial and music related platforms. Takezito has worked alongside artists like Cassper Nyovest and Damian Marley; and released work on global platforms including Hypebeast and TIDAL.

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Talya Galasko | Sketchbook Studios

Talya matches a fresh and bold visual style with a hands-on approach, a meticulous eye for detail and a proclivity for dry humour.

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Tebogo Malebogo | Vanishing Elephant

Tebogo is a UK-born writer, director and producer based in South Africa. His most recent film, ‘Mthunzi’, premiered at Locarno Film Festival and The New York Film Festival in 2019, awarded the Special Jury Prize at AFI Fest, and the Bronze Tanit at Carthage Film Festival. ‘Mthunzi’ has played at more than 35 festivals around the world including SXSW, Palm Springs International ShortFest, and Chicago International Film Festival, before having its online premiere on Le Cinéma Club. ‘Heaven Reaches Down’ To Earth is his sophomore short film.

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Teboho Mahlatsi | Bomb Commercials

Teboho, is an award-winning director, and is famed for his drama work on Yizo Yizo, and more recently iconic South African Commercials: Sasol ‘All Stars’; MTN ‘community tables’; MTN ‘Ayoba’; Vodacom ‘Jaiva’; Vodacom ‘Summer Loving’; DSTV ‘TIA’; SAB ‘Be The Mentor’; MTN ‘ Marvin’. Please see his showreel on our website.

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Tebza Malope | The Star Film Company

Tebza’s substantial appetite for creating masterful pictures is rivaled only by the number of glasses of water he drinks during a presentation. Tebza has received every possible directing accolade available, he is always hungry for more. Tebza is a superlative filmmaker, and he’s killing it.

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Terence Neale | Romance Films

Holding the title as first ever South African director to win a Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions, Terence is a director known for his surreal visual storytelling and strong conceptual approach. Whether creating music videos or commercials for heavyweight brands, his work shows a subversive originality that is compelling to watch.

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Thabang Moleya | Seriti Films

It is Thabangs energetic and infectious personality that creatives have fallen in love with. His authentic and expressive take on the South African aesthetic has bolted his illustrious career, as a multi-faceted director in feature films, high-end commercials and award winning TV dramas.

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Thati Peele | Giant Films

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Thati is a statistician turned N.Y.U Tisch Film grad. A natural storyteller, her work crosses genres seamlessly, blending cinematic rigour and warm human comedy. She was singled out for the Best New Talent Award at Ciclope Africa in 2019.

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Thea Small | Giant Films

From directing her first commercial featuring Sho Madjozi (which collected a Gold, 2 Silvers and a Bronze at Bookmarks), to crafting intimate character portraits in her music videos, Thea’s talents reveal a range of capabilities, grounded in a keen sense of storytelling and performance.

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Timothy Weyer | Iconic Agency

Timothy Weyer is a filmmaker living in Cape Town. Being a skilled editor and photographer is what makes him a good director: he has the eye to plan, capture and piece together beautiful visuals in order to tell a story. Timothy is also an accomplished musician and sound designer.

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Trevor Clarence | Your Girlfriend

Trevor Clarence has won numerous awards around the world for his unique and engaging directing work over the last thirteen years, specialising in comedy.  He loves making ads.  People tend to love making ads with him.

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Tristan Holmes | The Star Film Company

Tristan is fiercely hardworking that applies every part of himself to every image he creates. There is sweat, there is blood, there is [producer’s] tears, there is passion, there is ultimate craft. He also happens to be one of the only SA directors to have won a little gold Oscar.

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Vanessa Mojapelo | Rumanya Films

She is a ball of creativity, ready to bounce, leaving its mark on the Art of video making, filmmaking and everything in between. A creative problem solver, who believes nothing is impossible and everything is worth trying, passionate about life and loves putting smiles on human faces.

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Wandile Xaba | They

Wandile identifies herself as a Queer Intersectional Director. She describes intersectionality as a space of respect you can create… for the ideas, religious beliefs, experiences and expressions of the individual standing in front of you. She has a visually sensitive eye and is passionate about creating thought-provoking and exquisite work.

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Wim Steytler | The Star Film Company

After being recognised by Cannes Lions with a Young Director award, Wim has been creating beautiful moving pictures for branded content. He loves to tell edgy stories and extracting emotion from sources that on the surface seem to have none.

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Xolelwa “Ollie” Nhlabatsi | Rumanya Films

Xolelwa was born in Mbabane, eSwatini. He grew up in Washington DC, Ottawa and Johannesburg. This has given him a world view and the skillset to be able to adapt to different cultures and people. “I find my job is to reflect reality through the lens of embellishment mixed with some whimsy and hope.”

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Zandi Tisani | Robot

Zandi is a considered filmmaker creating edgy and adventurous work. With an emphasis on culture, humour and storytelling, there’s a refreshing combination of authenticity and a strong cinematic quality to her work. Zandi is also an accomplished writer, creative and collaborator.

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Zee Ntuli | Darling Films

Zee’s passion and love for storytelling and cinema is revealed in his approach which is equal parts story and style; humane and aesthetic. As a writer and director that works in long-form and commercials his work has a distinctive edge.

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Zipho Dlangamandla | Bioscope Films

Zipho comes from an acting background and you can tell from the authentic performances he gets out of people. His film ‘Boys Have Feelings Too’ won the Best Emerging Creative Talent at the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival 2019.

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Zwelethu Radebe | Egg Films

Still in his twenties, Zwelethu has directed commercials for both local and international agencies and clients, shooting in nine countries across Africa and Europe. In 2017, he won a Silver Apex Award for Strongbow, as well as over 10 awards for his short film, The Hangman.

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