Dule from Chill Pill Films Directs Nasty C in new AXE Gold ‘Find Your Magic’ Campaign

Dule started off in the industry way back when as an editor and sound designer. As he saw more and more awards coming in with his name engraved on them, he spread his wings from post to production. Still winning those awards, he moved from DOP to finally, in 2001, Director and then Co-Founder of Chill Pill Films in 2010. Dule and his Executive Producer Sian Anicic, provided the A’s to our Q’s on their latest campaign for AXE Gold, as well as giving us some juice on who the real Dule is now.

iDidTht: Classic kickoff question – What would you say most influences you as a Director?
Dule: On a purely philosophical level – the complexity and the profound beauty of the human experience…On a more practical level – psychology, science, politics, culture, history, conflict, pain, love, revenge…(breathe)…competitiveness, pettiness, uniqueness, jealousy, honour, pride, passion…bit of Eastern European cinema too, I guess…Gypsy films!
iDidTht: Damn, okay. We were expecting ‘I love the work of Steven Spielberg’ or something…

iDidTht: Your latest campaign for AXE Gold features its brand ambassador, South Africa’s very own rapper Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo… better known in da club as Nasty C, playing the role of the ‘Gold Father’ – why him?
Dule: Because AXE inspires individuality while still celebrating attraction, Nasty C as an accomplished artist at such a young age, was perfectly positioned to play this role. He was extremely easy to work with and has added enormous value to the campaign because he is someone that has found his authentic self. As an influencer, in the true sense of the word, he also helped me communicate the message to millions of young people across the continent on a personal level, because most of them truly relate to who he is. But most importantly, my teenage daughter is a huge fan of Nasty C and she saw the ad and said ‘Dad, this is dope!’ Me? Proudest dad on the planet!
Sian: Haha, yes. Also as someone who embraces all the values of the AXE campaign personally, Dule was perfectly positioned to accept this challenge and direct these spots.

Recently AXE has been all up in our timelines creating some powerful campaigns challenging the notion of masculinity (a challenge we can happily get on board with), and the ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign is no different. The campaign aims to inspire men to ‘celebrate their individuality, reject archaic, stereotypical notions of male attractiveness, and encourage them to work on their original style.’ Chill Pill Films, in close collaboration with Gorilla Media agency, created over 20 shareable ‘nuggets’ of content for AXE Gold with the below commercial spearheading the campaign.

AXE ‘Go For Gold’ ft. Nasty C

iDidTht: Dule, over your extensive career, you’ve directed such incredible pieces; from beautiful local stories to big cinematic commercials, what have been some of the highlights?
Dule: Anything that I feel has a real, potentially profound impact on the people watching them. TV ads are not about selling the products only, it’s also a way of reaching wider audiences. If I can make someone smile a bit, or maybe even inspire someone else to take action, change or improve, then that’s it! “Highlight” right there!

iDidTht: Sian, as Dule’s Producer and wife, you must have some goss on him – spill the beans!
Sian: Ha! Dule takes immense pride in what he does. He works unbelievably hard. Over the years I have watched him work through the night, miss his children’s birthdays, make sure people smile and are happy and always having a good time whilst working. Dule will always try and give someone an opportunity – that is very important to him. To watch him work from brief to the end of production is a dance like no other you’ve seen before.
iDidTht: Wow, Dule you owe her a night out!
Dule: Many!

iDidTht: So, you’ve worked on so many brands all over the world, what sets the local industry apart and what excites you about filmmaking in SA?
Dule: Our dedication to the craft, excellence and truly high standards. To me, it will always be a land of wonder and endless opportunities!

Dule Did That Ad

As a Director, Dule has a real knack for comedy combined with a really sexy cinematic style. From what we’ve seen, his execution of ads are really high-end and he comes with a true understanding of how to communicate a brand’s message and meaningfully engage with his audience. The guy has directed ads for brands across the globe including Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Nike, Nandos, Coca-Cola, Sprite, T-Mobile, Miller SAB, Pepsi-Lays and Carlsberg (exhales), but here are just a few of iDidTht’s top picks from Dule’s reel.

ABSA ‘I Want to Make That’

Didier Drogba ‘Bock Beer’

Mercedes Benz ‘Car Gaurd’

iDidTht: What’s the one thing you can’t be without on set?
Dule: Fun. What’s the point if we’re not enjoying the ride? And no, not in a clichéd ‘wishful thinking’ kinda way. I genuinely have fun and don’t let anything or anyone spoil it for me, my crew or my clients…

iDidTht: When you’re not directing, what occupies your time?
Dule:  Parenting, parenting, parenting….with just a bit of interest in psychology, science, politics, culture, history, conflict, pain, love, revenge…(breathe)…competitiveness, pettiness, uniqueness, jealousy, honour, pride, passion…some Eastern European cinema too, I guess…Gypsy films!
iDidTht: You and those Gypsy films, haha. Okay, last question, for Sian; if you had to make up the name of a deodorant or perfume scent that best captures Dule as a Director, what would it be?
Sian: Haha! What a question…I would say ‘Booyakasha’ by Ali G…

Dule brings with him a wealth of experience working both locally and internationally, directing some pretty badass commercials, for some pretty badass brands, that lead to some pretty badass awards. He loves executing a great idea by giving it a really premium look, and he’s damn hardworking, plus likes having fun #Booyakasha
If those things tick your boxes, then drop Sian at Chill Pill Films a mail and find their magic.

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